Friday, June 24, 2011

SUPER Fast DAPAC CPE Agility Weekend Recap

I'm a week late for a recap of last weekend's CPE trial in Eugene, OR. So to expedite things in order to move on to this weekend's trial, here goes.
We ran tall to small Saturday and small to tall Sunday. The run order of classes was:

  • Full House
  • Standard
  • Wildcard
  • Colors
  • Snooker
  • Jackpot
  • Standard
  • Snooker
  • Jumpers
We really, really needed colors and jackpot legs.
We ran in Level 5 and needed 25 points. Our game time was 35 seconds. Vegas earned 26 points in 26.84 seconds for a first place finish and a qualifying run. 
This course, too, was level 5. We had 62 seconds, 160 yards. She ran it in 50.94 for another first place finish and a qualifying run, our fourth level 5 standard leg. 
As is usual on the games courses, my plan is always to find the "least tunnel" route. In this case that meant 3B, 4A, and 11B. We had some awkward moments, particularly getting onto the dog walk. But we did it. 92 yards, 36 seconds allowed, and a first place, qualifying run done in 32.30. 
I should point out here, too, the videos are a little "bumpy," but very precious. Some friends' daughter was kind enough to video for us (and I videoed for her). She's 10. Thanks, Kara!
Again, the name of the game? Find the route with the fewest tunnels. Often there isn't a choice. They all have the same number of tunnels. Fortunately for Vegas, so far so good. I chose the "square" course. Another Q, another blue, 16.47 seconds (SCT = 33). Yahoo!
What a fantastic Snooker course! For once it was smooth flowing to do the high point color obstacles plus it ran like a jumpers course! Yay for big dog favored runs! We did 6, 7, 6 finishing with 50 points (Only 32 are required.) in 42.86 seconds (SCT was 45). Another Yahoo!

Sunday started with our current nemesis - Jackpot. Oh how we need to Q here!
Level 4, 44 points required, 53 seconds to do it in. Do you think I was even going to try the center Jackpot option? Hell no! I was going for E.Z. 
She kicked this course's "butt!" 55 points in 42.18 seconds for another blue, another Q. 
No Q. No blue. We had a single off course, the only fault you cannot have in Level 5. Bummer. 
Another great snooker course where I had options to avoid the tunnel. Since I still always have to worry about her a-frame down contact it was the perfect opportunity to work that contact and get the higher number of points, too. We used the first red on the left then the one in the center back, then the one in the center middle. A-frame times three for 51 points, 49.01 seconds, a blue and a Q. I can't believe I used to hate this game!

Our last run of the weekend was Jumpers. Most people were complaining about the course. I thought it was a bit more AKC style than is typical in CPE so I was fine with it. 
127 yards, 34 seconds. We ran it in 32.76 for another blue and another Q. 
So we finished the weekend with 8 out of 9 runs qualifying with first place finishes. So proud of my lovely girl. She's so awesome. And reliable. Shoot, we dealt with drizzle and rain with potential slick surfaces Saturday and getting too warm on Sunday (You'll notice the panting in many of her runs...). That leaves us with something like 24 legs to finish our C-ATCH. I cannot wait! for that. 
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Photos courtesy of FlashPaws Photography

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