Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Drive-By

Wow, is the weekend already over? Whew! Saturday started out early - and late. Vegas woke me at 6:30 for breakfast but as soon as the doggy duty was done I went back to bed (and the dogs followed shortly) until about 10:30. From there it was to get up and get moving, albeit slowly. I made a decision to go out and mow the lawn at noon. At 2 I was finally done. In the meantime, the dogs played in the yard with me, followed me around, played a little fetch, and chewed on a calf leg. All in all, pretty good but wow does mowing my lawn suck.

Once the lawn was done I got some laundry going then headed for the shower. The dogs and I then headed for the park. We love the woods at the park and had a glorious time meandering around, walking in the woods, playing in the fields, and enjoying spring in Oregon. When Oregon is in bloom and the rain spigot is off, wow is it a great place to be. It was just the perfect refresher. Here are a few pictures I took, although I haven't edited anything yet.
I just love these wild lilies that grow in the forest. I always have. So pretty and they're all over this time of year.
A fungus among us! I couldn't resist.
Vegas grazing. What is it with dogs eating grass...?
Vegas' - agility au natural. 
I couldn't resist this one even though Vegas is literally leaping out of the shot. Man do I love those wonky ears!
Egads! Precious blue sky!
Tracking birdies....and other critters. :) 

After we got home from the park, we had a little over an hour then Vegas and I headed off to drill team practice. I missed the last one so was a little out of sorts for this one. I can't wait until we nail down the choreography so I can stop feeling so discombobulated! I do so much better with structure and organization. Plus I had a headache going into it and was getting pretty tired at that point. But we made it through and I think we'll get it soon. We had some fun ideas, certainly. 

After drill practice, poor Vegas had to go hang out in the truck since I was teaching foundation class. This was week one of the spring session and I think it's going to go well. I have a great group it seems that was doing really well in what we covered. There's an Aussie, a Border Collie mix, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a chocolate Lab, a Swedish Valhund, and a Labradoodle. 

Today we went to the park again, catching the last hour and a half of both daylight and dry weather. It was nice and the dogs enjoyed themselves again. The solitude and beauty of the forest is so good for the soul. When we got home both doggies got a pedicure and have been snoozing on the bed since. And wow, the weekend is already over. 

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