Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An off day?

After work tonight I rushed home to pick up Vegas. Then we headed over to the park just a half dozen blocks from our house to meet Pam, Jewel, and Gigi. With harnesses, long line, gloves galore, flags, and treats in tow, I started laying track as Pam arrived. Jewel ran through three tracks in quick succession and then it was Vegas' turn. I'm not sure what was up with Vegas but I can say this: tracking sure triggers her potty response. She had already peed before we got started on her first track and she proceeded to pee, poop, then pee again before we were done. She seemed to really be disinterested and it literally felt like I had to prod every step out of her on top of cheering her on like a stuck record. I hope it was just "a day" and not indicative of a lack of interest in tracking.


  1. Layla's had those kind of days too. I don't know if Vegas is spayed or not, but when Layla is hormonal (false pregnancy, heat, etc) she's more likely to have those off days. The tracking club we belong to say it does pass, but to keep it as enjoyable as possible for the dog, make very short, motivational tracks with lots of food drops. In other words, take a step or two back in practice, just to ensure the dog doesn't start to think it's not as fun as they have.

  2. Thanks for the tips and encouragement, Amy. Yes, Vegas is spayed so no hormonal moments. I'm going to see if I can get out with her again tomorrow and hope she responds differently.