Thursday, September 2, 2010

Weekend Recap

Every day this week I thought, "I'll get my blog updated." Well, it's Thursday and I'm just now doing it. Last weekend was eventful then mostly uneventful. Saturday was our Great Danes of Summer event that I had previously spoke about. I had really high hopes for the event. Last year we had a Drew Carney spot on the early morning news that drew attention to the event and our mission; however, this year I did more blanket advertising in addition to the fact that awareness for our club is much higher after four plus years. Our usual attendance is in the range of 60-75 Great Danes. This year we saw around 30 or so. On the positive side of that, we saw a lot of new people, some people that only attend this event, and met lots of puppies. Seeing people in this circumstance (puppies or only annually) is good because we can help to educate as applicable and hopefully represent a resource if and when they have questions.

I have to give huge kudos to my pups for what they put up with Saturday. It's a long day and, as a board member, not as fun as for attendees. We do a lot more fascilitating and supervising and working than visiting and relaxing. And Vegas and Leo were complete troopers. My son was there most of the day and was quite the helper, too, and even kept Leo with him most of the day. Vegas was just glad to be with Mama, was patient, and a wonderful greeter to attendees. We had a couple of pictures taken by photographer, Jim Stulting. They turned out really well!
Here are a few random pictures of the event....
This is Abbey. She attended with Nancy who spoke to us about canine cancer on behalf of the National Canine Cancer Foundation.
This pretty little girl, Shelby, represents exactly what I want in my next Dane - all black, ears done, and cute as can be.
Piper - Sunbathing

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