Friday, July 30, 2010

K9 Nose Work

I am always interested in learning new things with my dogs and while Vegas is not a hound dog nor is she overly prone to sniffing during completely inappropriate times (E.g. agility trials/runs), she does like to sniff and follow her nose. Sometimes, when we're not moving too fast such as the case for a walk or during rally exercises or when she's out at the park, she really seems focused on following a scent and more so now than ever I sometimes struggle to get her to realize I'm there and calling her - at least for a few seconds or a minute - so strong is her drive to follow what she smells. I am enrolled to receive emails through a couple of area groups including NW Dog Activities, a Yahoo Group. Every so often over the last couple of months notices have come across of Nose Work sessions being held at local dog training facilities, pet stores, etc.

Without knowing whether Vegas will take to it in a training situation and knowing I should watch my pennies until next year (so I can save to go to the invitational), I am not ready to enroll in a full class for her. However, a notice came across this week for an intro to nose work session that's an hour and a half and just $20. So, I registered her in the class to be held at Petutopia with Joyce Beithan of Joyce's Dogs. We'll check out this cool sport on August 18. Thankfully the class will be held in the evening so hopefully the heat won't melt Vegas' brain and distract her from what we're there for.

For more information on this sport, you can visit the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) website.

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