Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kind of a boring-ish Saturday

Nothing big going on this weekend except our Great Dane group hosted a speaker on Bloat and Torsion. It seems like forever since our last trial although I know it wasn't that long ago. The next three weekends are trials though so that will be exciting. If memory serves without my calendar handy, that'd be two AKC trials with a CPE sandwiched between.

Learned a bunch of information and more about gastropexy today which was really good and I'll post my summary of notes on that in a few days.

I think Vegas' tail is broken. I really hope not and will be keeping an eye on it. No sense taking her to the vet at this point as they won't really do anything. We've iced it some and are just watching it - and her - so she doesn't beat it on anything unnecessarily. It happened Wednesday night. My son accidentally shut her tail in the door to the truck. It seemed like not a huge deal right then but by the next day she was obviously carrying her tail differently - straighter, arced and not naturally flowing. By Friday the tail was swollen, approximately two inches from the end and about a two inch section. I bathed her tonight and it was scraped pretty good all along that lower four inches, the hair either gone or severely parted at the scrape. It was kind of crackly, crunchy sounding which made me sad but she didn't seem painful. I've decided to just keep an eye out and not take her in unless I have to because there's no point as the vet pretty much can only suggest amputation of the problem section. I would hate for that to happen - we'd lose the "dipstick" portion of her tail.

So for now, my clean girl is just hanging out and loving being spoiled with attention getting to hang out on the couch cuddling with her boy. He feels guilty as all heck but it was just an unfortunate accident.

Other than that, today we all went to the dog park, Vegas got bathed and her nails got done. It was eventful but not eventful, as days off go. Tomorrow should be pretty low key too so hopefully we'll be able to get some weave pole practice and on the ball work done.


  1. aww, poor Vegas. Mom is always worried about shutting my tail in the door. I get it out of the way one minute, and the next minute it has a mind of its own and moves in the way of the door! Luckily, it hasn't happened yet...but she says to tell your son not to feel guilty, it was just an accident.

    Hopefully it heals up soon and gets back to normal. Mom says to make sure to watch it for signs that blood flow was affected. If that's the case, that section of her tail could die and have to be removed...otherwise she could get bad sickies.

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  2. Thanks, Murphydog. I hope it heals up soon, although we'll probably go into the vet in the next day or two to double-check things. It's a little snap-crackle-poppy at the moment which bothers me. :( Accidents stink when they involve injury.